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Aluminium Tilt in Space Toileting and Shower Chair


The Tilt in Space Shower Commode Chair is suitable for patients with more complex support requirements, providing improved comfort, safety and easy access for washing and toileting. Includes a fully adjustable neck support and a lap strap for added safety, as standard.

Weight Capacity 159kg (25st)

List Price: £1,195.00
Our Price: £595.00
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Apollo Saturn Rotate Profiling Chair Bed


The Apollo Saturn Rotate electrically powered rotating profile chair bed offers greater independence and mobility to the user who is weight bearing but struggles to transfer unassisted between standing and sitting. Featuring all the usual functions of a profiling bed, including a 'Very High Risk' mattress and also enables the user to rotate and then tilt the chair either side to aid the transfer between standing and sitting. 

Weight Capacity 180kg (28st)

Our Price: £3,495.00
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Ex Demo Oxford Easy Track 2 Post System with Portable Hoist


The Easytrack System is an excellent overhead hoist. The Easytrak FS is a lightweight, free standing overhead track system which includes the Voyager Portable hoist. The FS system however does not rely on support from the ceiling, taking away any potential structural issues that may be encountered.

Weight Capacity 200kg (31st)
RRP £2700.00
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Our Price: £1,295.00
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Ex Display Hermes 250 Hoist


This electrically operated hoist has an additional electric actuator to operate the chassis, and is suitable for bariatric care due to it's high weight capacity. The Hermes 250 hoist can also be vertically folded away when not in use.

Weight Capacity 250kg (39st)

Only 1 left in stock, order now to avoid disappointment! 

Our Price: £895.00
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Invacare Jasmine Premier Series Full Body Lift


The Invacare Jasmine Mobile Lifter is a flexible solution that offers a high level of comfort for all clients. A versatile lifter, the Jasmine Mobile Hoist provides safe patient handling up to 32 stone (200kg) weight capacity.  With an expansive, wide-opening base and high lifting mechanism, the Jasmine offers easy manoeuverability and positioning for a wide range of  lifts. With the latest control box technology, the Jasmine offers a ‘Soft Start’ and ‘Soft Stop’ function that provides a more comfortable and dignified transfer. 

Weight Capacity - 200kg

List Price: £1,895.00
Our Price: £1,295.00
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Invacare Roze Premier Series Stand Up Lift


The Invacare Roze stand assist offers an alternative to a passive lift when a degree of weight bearing ability remains. Ideal for rehabilitation, degenerative conditions and clients whose condition varies from day to day, the Roze can provide dignity and a greater degree of independence. With the latest control box technology, the Roze offers a ‘Soft Start’ and ‘Soft Stop’ function that provides a more comfortable transfer.Combining a range of adjustable features with a lightweight aluminum construction, the Roze is equally at home in Residential and Acute Care environments.  

Weight Capacity - 200kg (31.4st)

List Price: £1,695.00
Our Price: £1,295.00
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Marsden M610 Portable Lightweight Wheelchair Weigh Beams


The Marsden M-610 weighbeams are a lightweight construction, with a gentle incline on the ramps to enable ease of use. The ramp ends fold in so that the nurse or community health visitor can easily pack them into a smart, durable carry case. The overall dimensions of the scale accommodate most designs of wheelchair.

    Weight Capacity 300kg (47st)

List Price: £675.00
Our Price: £573.00
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Marsden M650 Wheelchair Scale


Professional wheelchair scale that features excellent battery life and BMI calculation display. 

Weight Capacity 300kg (47st)

List Price: £895.00
Our Price: £760.00
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NEW! Carilex DualFlex Dynamic Hybrid Mattress Solution


The DualFlex is a brand new dynamic replacement mattress system, combining high performance static foam and active alternating air cell technology for exceptional patient comfort and healing. Specifically developed for patients assessed to be at 'High Risk' of developing pressure ulcers, this flexible step-up mattress provides cost-effective pressure ulcer prevention and healing in one excellent system. 

List Price: £695.00
Our Price: £550.00
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Park Lite 200 Stand Aid


The Park-Lite 200 stand aid features a lightweight aluminium frame for easy manoeuvrability, with adjustable sling attachment arm and padded shin pads. The fully electrical user controls and intelligent service diagnostic system, the Park-Lite 200 ensures ease of use for both carer and patient.

Weight Capacity 200kgs (31st)

Order now to avoid disappointment.

Our Price: £600.00
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