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Locomotor MultiLift Hoist
Locomotor MultiLift Hoist
The Multi-lift provides two discreet functions.

  1. Conventional Hoist - for non weight bearing patients, the Multilift can be used as a conventional hoist with the added benefit of having a shin pad to protect patients' legs and to prevent swinging whilst being manoeuvred. 
  2. Stander - A simple release mechanism allows the hoist head to be changed for the Stander attachment (no tools required, handling weight only 5kg). In this mode, patients can be raised to allow for toileting, washing and dressing or simply to move from one seated postition to another.
The Multi-lift now comes complete with Stander and Knee Pad attachments and is electronically operated for both raising and lowering and leg opening - eliminating the jerking associated with manual models and allowing for smooth operation. It is also has a optional foot plate available which allows the patient a greater sense of security. 
The spreader bar has a unique fixing system for slings, providing positive locking and maximum safety. Once fitted for a patient, nursing and care staff do not need to readjust the sling each time it is used. 
The optional Stander Attachment allows the Multi-Hoist to change quickly into Stander mode. This uses a quick release mechanism, allowing the hoist section to be replaced by the light stander arm, therefore aiding speedy and dignified transfers. Patients can be raised to allow for toileting, washing, and dressing or simply to move from one seated position to another. 
Locomotor Multi Lift Specifications:
  • Total weight: 32kg
  • Max Height Range: 174cm
  • Min Height Range: 174cm
  • Height Of Unit: 137cm
  • Overall width: 63.5cm
  • Max Width: 91cm
  • Base Height:14.5cm
  • Overall length: 109cm
  • Weight Limit 160kg (25 Stone)
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