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NEW! Oxford Major 200 Mobile Hoist
NEW! Oxford Major 200 Mobile Hoist
Previously the Oxford Major 190 Hoist, it has been recently upgraded to include a higher lift capacity of 200kg (31st)!

With an excellent lifting range suitable for even very high surfaces, the Oxford Major 200 has earned its place as one of the most flexible and useful hoists on the market.
An angled boom allows for easy lifting from the floor to the bed or chair, while the leg adjustment facility means that the hoist can be manoeuvred around obstacles and under furniture with ease. This feature also enables the Oxford Major 190 to be used in the widest range of nursing and institutional care settings, making lifts to and from wheelchairs, armchairs, beds and mini buses etc simple and straightforward.
It has a large lifting capacity, able to safely lift up to 200kg / 31st st and a simple to use push handle that helps steer the hoist with ease. Easy push, low profile castors provide clearance under most furniture and over a variety of surfaces, allowing the hoist to be moved quickly and easily from one room to another, with the rear castors being braked for additional safety whilst the hoist is in use. The spreader bar is padded for additional patient safety. A range of slings to suit different clients can be ordered separately. Electric version available listed separately. 
Oxford Major 200 Mobile Hoist (Manual) Specifications
  • Safe working load 190kg (30st)
  • Max overall length 1.296mm (50")
  • Min overall length 1.296mm (50")
  • Max overall height 1.941mm (76")
  • Min overall height 1.376mm (54")
  • Max spreader bar height 1.725mm (67")
  • Min spreader bar height 525mm (20")
  • Spreader bar height at max reach 1.110mm (43")
  • Spreader bar reach at max height 589mm (23")
  • Spreader bar reach at min height 522mm (20")
  • Max reach 754mm (30")
  • Turning radius 1.274 (50")
  • Legs open- external width 1.160mm (46")
  • Legs open-internal width 1.130mm (45")
  • Legs closed-external width 610mm (24")
  • Legs closed internal width 540mm (21")
  • Overall height of legs 100mm (4")
  • Ground clearance 12.7mm (4 3/4")

Please contact us directly for information on discounted ex-demo stock that we may have available. 
Our Price: £1,255.00
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