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Ultra Slide Sheets
Ultra Slide Sheets
The ULTRA range of slide sheets allows three basic patient handling tasks without the need to lift and without the risk of sheering to the patients skin.  
  • Turning a patient: for x-ray, surgical procedures, recovery, presure care, change of dressing or cleaning. 
  • Sitting a patient up in bed: for feeding or relief of chest pain etc. 
  • Moving a patient on or off a bed, trolley or examination couch without painful sheering to the hips and shoulders.
Special sizes are available on request. 
Sizes / Dimensions 
Standard       (122cm x 71cm)       £19.95
Long              (145cm x 71cm)       £22.95
Wide             (122cm x 100cm)     £27.95
Compact       (72cm x 70cm)           £9.95
Maxi              (195cm x 70cm)       £27.95
Mini               (60cm x 41cm)           £8.95
Maxi Plus      (195cm x 140cm)     £34.95
Extra Long     (200cm x 71cm)      £29.95 

Our Price: £8.95
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