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EX DEMO | Reliant 350 Stand Assist


The Reliant 350 Stand Assist by Invacare is a compact and maneuverable mobile lifter that provides safe and comfortable assisted transfers for those with limited mobility or rehabilitation needs. The Reliant 350 can be used to transfer a user that cannot transfer unaided, but has some level of weight bearing ability, from one seated position to another. The robust design allows for additional support whilst transferring, preventing unnecessary strain on both user and carer.

Weight Capacity 158kg (25st)
  • Decontaminated according to regulations
  • Comprehensively tested

List Price: £1,242.00
Our Price: £600.00
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Invacare Reliant 350 Stand Assist Hoist


The Invacare 350 Stand Assist is a versatile stand aid which makes assisted transfers easy, safe and comfortable for both patient and carer. Its ergonomic design means that moving patients no longer needs to carry the risk of injury, nor require more than one carer at a time, while the wide range of features offers an extremely flexible lifting solution for most care situations.
Lifting Capacity 156kg (24.5st)

Free Delivery
Three Year Warranty
List Price: £1,242.00
Our Price: £790.00
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Invacare Stand Assist Sling


Designed for use with the Reliant 350 lifter, but compatible with other types of Stand Assist Lifter*, the Invacare Stand Assist Sling offers a comfortable and safe transfer for users who have some weight bearing ability but cannot stand independently. In addition, the user should be coherent, have good body and head control and the ability to grip the lift boom during the transfer. The sling is well padded in Polyester fabric and comes with non-slip material on the back to ensure a comfortable transfer position. 

*may be suitable for use with other Stand Assist Lifters that are compatibile with fabric loop slings, following risk assessment.

Available in sizes S / M / L / XL
Weight Capacity 200kg (32st)

Our Price: £103.00
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Invacare Transfer Stand Assist


The Invacare Transfer Stand Assist Sling can be used with the Reliant 350 lifter and enables a simple seated transfer. This sling is used for those with good body and head control who are able to grip the lift boom. Comes in Polyester fabric.

Available in sizes S / M / L / XL
Weight Capacity 200kg (32st)

Our Price: £140.00
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Locomotor MultiLift Hoist


The Multilift by Select provides two discreet functions, as both a conventional hoist and as a standaid. It also comes complete with Stander and Knee Pad attachments and is electronically operated. 
Weight Capacity 160kg (25.1st)

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Our Price: £1,449.00
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Park Lite 200 Stand Aid



The Park-Lite 200 stand aid features a lightweight aluminium frame for easy manoeuvrability, with adjustable sling attachment arm and padded shin pads. The fully electrical user controls and intelligent service diagnostic system, the Park-Lite 200 ensures ease of use for both carer and patient.

List Price: £700.00
Our Price: £535.00
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REFURBISHED! Oxford Ascend Stand Aid


The Oxford Ascend Stand Aid is from the exceptionally well designed Oxford Professional range of hoists and stand aids, combining a simple and safe design that is easy and comfortable to use. The compact nature of the Ascend delivers a stand aid that is reliable, nimble and extremely manouverable in all care environments. With it's unrivalled range of movement, the Ascend Stand Aid can help transfer a patient from a low-seated position to a fully extended position with ease, and its active lifting motion has been specifically designed to encourage more user participation to promote user independence and well-being.

Weight Capacity 170kg (26.8st)

  • Professionally refurbished
  • Decontaminated according to regulations
  • Comprehensively tested
Limited stock, order now to avoid disappointment!

List Price: £1,595.95
Our Price: £695.00
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The Rota Stand by Select is a breakthrough in reducing strain on both patient and carer and promotes safer patient handling. Developed to allow easy pivoting and assisted transfers from one seated position to another, the frame, shin pad and turn table combine to give optimum safety during the transfer. The unique design of the central wheels allows the Rota Stand to be rolled up to the patient or client after their feet have been positioned on the product.

Weight Capacity 160kg (25st)

Our Price: £239.00
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Rotastand Compact


The Rotastand Compact by Select combines all the benefits of the Rotastand and the Rotastand SOLO in one product with the added value of being lightweight (only 10kg) and affordable. 

The foldable and compact design makes the Rotastand Compact easy to manoeuvre as well as reducing storage and transport issues.

Weight Capacity 200kg (31.4st)

Free Delivery
Our Price: £259.00
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Rotastand Solo


The Rota Stand Solo by Select revolutionises the sit to stand and pivot transfers. The patented T-Bar mechanism in the base means that transfers can be carried out by a single nurse or carer, halving the staff costs and reducing the time taken to carry out the task during day to day routines.

Weight Capacity 200kg (31st)

Our Price: £249.00
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